Sunday, 6 May 2012

Official unveiling of our logo

Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

The other day we gave you a taster with the outline of coffee horse but tonight I would like to officially unveil our logo, by showing it off to you all. And so...... we proudly present:

I understand this may not be as exciting for you as it is for us but believe me this little logo has been a source of much frustration. Many a small discussion has blown out to full on war fare over minor details. In fact one of these squabbles involving the horse’s tail may, or may not have ended in tears. You see when you’re starting out that logo is so much more than a pretty picture. It represents everything that you are and want to be. So much passion and hope is symbolised in this little emblem of your fledgling business. 

I would advise others designing their logo to not rush the process. All in all i'd say we worked on ours for 2 months on and off and must’ve changed it fully at least 10 times. We showed our ideas to everyone and anyone to gauge opinions and tried to incorporate all the little pieces of advice. We were also very fortunate in obtaining a bit of professional help from some mates over at Pieces. If you are struggling this can provide the direction to get you on the right track but don't be afraid to adapt the designers ideas to fit those inside your head. 

Our eventual logo was an amalgamation of much time spent fiddling on Illustrator/Photoshop plus inspiration found from copious hours trawling web/books/magazines. We had an idea of what we wanted; clean, crisp, modern but rememberable. Then it was 2 months of searching, playing about with images and fonts and taking lots of advice from various corners. We showed our coffee suppliers, artist friends, designer friends, family. Although this meant the process was long, looking back I'm so pleased we did it this way as otherwise we would have stopped after a week 1with something not quite perfect. Anyways its set in stone now, so hope you guys like it? 

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