Sunday, 1 April 2012

Personal 5 favourite Sydney cafes

Ultimately I would like this blog to become a hub of information for others looking to get into the hospitality industry. Today I had intended to get straight into some of the business processes that got the cafe ball rolling but decided it wouldn't be a very exciting second blog post! Instead you lucky things, I will delight you with my top 5 coffee shops in Sydney; the ones that have inspired me and keep me coming back again and again. They are in no particular order, it would be too hard to separate these places which are all good for different reasons.

This place is steadily growing into a chain so I can't speak for all locations but the one in Camperdown is a winner. I enjoy it for the atmosphere, for the yummy breakfasts and for the best almond croissants this side of almond croissant land. I never get the feeling of being rushed or squished in, its the perfect place to relax and read the paper. They use Little Marrionette beans and my flat white is always well poured. The  slight downside to Deus is that one can never resist a visit to the retail shop once ones stomach is satisfied. Hence your $15 brekkie soon becomes $100 after you fall trap to the lovely but rather expensive clothes that Deus has to offer.

Voted Sydney Morning Herald's Cafe of the Year in 2011 and I fully concur with that result. Mecca never disappoints, they roast their own coffee which comes from all over the globe and although the food is simple, its beautiful in quality and full of flavour. Mecca is clearly a big player in the Australian coffee industry but they have managed to maintain that un-pretencious feel about them. I like that, I really like it a lot especially when so many of the other success stories have turned insular and now refuse to serve you unless you sport a trilby, button your shirt to the top and carry a pug in a organic cotton tote bag. Security will often check your bag for the pug at the door, just a warning. Anyho, I may have gone off the subject but the conclusion is the same. Mecca are pretty darn tooting good!

Boutique roasters over in Marrickville with the cafe set up in the same room as the roaster. These guys are seriously into their coffee and I found their passion and knowledge for the trade inspiring. The long black I had here was full of intense flavours and strong enough to blow your socks off. Would recommend this place to anyone who thinks all coffees taste the same. There are plenty of blends and single origins to choose from. So much so that you will leave buzzing like a bee!

It may not look like more than a hole in the wall but Coffee, Tea & Me will serve you consistently excellent Campos coffee with a smile. They know what they're doing and do it well. Just don't go here when overly hungry as they have no cooked food, its more snacks and bagels, all of which are nicely done. My favourite lunchtime regular.

What can I say, I had to have it in the list and not out 
of sisterly obligation. Cafe Berlin easily gets 
into my top 5. I seriously am yet to find a place anywhere that sells homemade food and baked lovelies like this Balmain coffee shop. Personal favourites are the pies, flour-less chocolate cake, brownies and of course the carrot cake muffins. When you add relaxed friendly staff and awesome value to the equation, you can't go wrong. 
Beware - cake o'clock gets very busy!

And there you have it, my top 5. If you have any other recommendations please leave a comment and let me know. I always like to hear other people's opinions, cheers :)
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